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todayMay 10, 2021

Digital Forensics + Malware Analysis Ahmed Elmayyah

Catch the IEX if You Can: PowerShell De-Obfuscation

Introduction A lot of the time when working with malware or when investigating an incident, you may encounter PowerShell executing obfuscated commands which may look like gibberish. These commands are usually obfuscated to make it harder for the analyst to understand, as well as making it harder for detection solutions [...]

Month: January 2021

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Web Applications Penetration Testing Mahmoud Gamal / January 10, 2021

LDAP Injection in OpenAM

TL;DR In this article we explain how we were able to identify and exploit an LDAP injection vulnerability within OpenAM access management  server platform. About OpenAM OpenAM is an open-source access management, entitlements and federation server platform. It was sponsored by ForgeRock until 2016. Now it is supported by Open ...

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